Pui Che

Pui Che

-Whimsical Chief in training. My special recipes are done with Photoshop and 3Dsmax, sometimes with a few dashes of matte painting on top, roasting in Ambient Occlusion styles, and garnish with fine-art-like lighting techniques. Whichever goes best with that special occasions, always serve warm. Bon appetit!

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I am a French painter who works in mixed media on paper or canvas
When I start painting, I rarely have an idea of what is going to happen: I think I just use the impressions some atmospheres gave me and the emotions and smiles I have kept along my life...

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Currently art directing at We.R.play (werplay.com), Mehran have always had a passion for drawing and games. He started when he was little and hasn't really stopped, and probably never will. His artwork has appeared in ballistic publishing Exotique, elemental, and Expose books.

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"The whole is more than the sum of its parts."

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Instantaneous transition of time, blending of the hours in matters of footsteps.

A enduring skill set sharpener on various degrees of experiments; decaying references, imaginative, photo reference.

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"Its my flower." Melony Mangosteen.
Part of a fairies Collection.

"Where are we going?" Priscilla Waterapple. Part of a fairies Collection.