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freelance illustrator and graphic designer

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Denisse Herrera, Bachelor of Arts and Sciences, Visual Communication with Title Designer in Visual Communication. I was born in Santiago de Chile a March 23, 1987. I am a music-loving by nature, designer by vocation and illustrator by accident.
In 2006 I joined a study design in visual communication at the Metropolitan Technological University of the State of Chile. This finish my graduation project, focused on creating an educational support materials to increase creativity in children.


Denisse Herrera, Licenciada en Artes y Ciencias de la Comunicación Visual con Título de Diseñadora en Comunicación Visual. Nací en Santiago de Chile un 23 de marzo de 1987. Soy melómana por naturaleza, diseñadora por vocación e ilustradora por casualidad.
En el año 2006 ingresé a estudiar Diseño en comunicación visual en la Universidad Tecnológica Metropolitana del estado de Chile. En el presente termino mi proyecto de titulación, enfocado a crear un material de apoyo escolar que aumente la creatividad en los niños.

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website :
Portfolio :

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Jodi Magi is a graphic designer, artist and illustrator based in Melbourne, Australia.


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,, Life is life, passion - passion, love - love
But the arts are the passion, love, life! ''
K.S. Rizov - painter, illustrator, concept artist in film and games art work

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Born in 1986 in the center of the UK. I was always better at being creative than anything else. I studied for 5 years after school, including Fine Art and Visual Communication. After this I became a Graphic Designer and Illustrator for a footwear company working with many large brands.

I mainly produce vector art now as my mouse replaced my paintbrush many years ago. I love photo realistic illustration and dark moody artwork.

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Hello, my name is Irina, Im from Russia. I've graduated uniersity on speciality architect. Drawing and photography are my hobbies.

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I'm a 23 years old guy from Belgium. I just ended my studies in Graphic design.

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Art for me is a way to show my inner world to others.

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A digital artist from St. Petersburg

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Independent artist who lives and works in Norway.


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Fine Art and Documentary photographer based in Boston, Massachusetts. I believe every image is a moment of exploration and discovery of ourselves.
http://twitter.com/amystarrgarwood ; http://www.facebook.com/amygarwoodphotography ; http://www.amygarwood.blogspot.com

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{ Visual artist, semiprofessional photographer and digital artist }

Riva/Trentino, Italy

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Elena Mir is a graphic/web and multimedia designer, artist and illustrator based in Spain.

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Still learning but trying hard!

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My name is Jan, I'm currently living and studying in the UK; have recently finished BA in Animation, and will embark on MA course this fall. However, painting is and always will be my passion.

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Isis, 19 years old. I'm a philosphy student but love to do drawings to take my mind off things. I'm doing mostly ink and fineliner drawings, sometimes in colour(pencils) and sometimes in black and white.

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Graphic Designer & Illustrator

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Italian illustrator devoted to sci-fi.Since 2000 he has been one of the main illustrators of the "Urania" and "Urania Collezione" sci-ifi book collections by Mondadori. In 2006 with Giacomo Spazio FB creates Limited No Art Gallery: http://www.flickr.com/photos/l
In 2007 he starts "Invading the Vintage". The project is still running
and it has been spotted on Wired USA, Juxtapoz issue 115,
MacUser Uk, The Sunday Telegraph and in dozens of blogs,
e-zines, art-magazines and portfolios.
See more here:
FB got the "Best artist" Award at Eurocon European Awards
Fiuggi March 2009 and the "Best Artist" Award at Italcon,
Milano Delos Days 2011.

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I am a designer and illustrator

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My name is Ekaterina Koroleva and I am a Russian Artist living in Berlin. If you want to follow my work, you are invited to visit my Facebook page: