Peter van Beek

Peter van Beek

Welcome, my name is Peter van Beek
I am a Dutch documentary photographer, travelling around the globe for many years. I may say to be specialised in capturing the remarkable life of Roma(gypsies) in Europe.

The good, the bad and the Roma
This is my recently published photobook about life of Roma in Europe. More than 200 pages, 24 x 29 cm, "an explosion of life in a book" the media say.
You can buy the book by mailing me. I will sign the book and send it. Price is € 46,00 including packaging and sending to your adress.

Starting as a photographer i went to beautiful places, but also to ghetto's and suburbs of many European countries, to document daily life of the Roma.

I feel connected to remote groups and minorities all over the world. My interest for the Roma started during the Balkanwar, where i met lots of gypsies in Albania. My photo’s are documentary, raw and show fragility and pride.

In the Hague, Netherlands my work has a focus on magazines, newspapers and designcompanies.
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Besides all this: i am a international weddingphotographer and you can visit my work at:

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