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Raffaella Lunelli

My photographic book:

I have two passions: art and photography.
My parents were painters. And I studied art and painting from childhood.
I studied many techniques: oil painting, watercolor, pastel, China ink, and others.
But what I love most is the ancient technique of egg tempera.
Then I also applied my knowledge of painting techniques with digital art.

My passion for photography started at the age of 10. I started to shot with a super-compact Kodak Instamatic 50!
I loved photography, and after a few years I started to develope and print to myself my B&W photos.
I tryed many darkroom techniques, like compositions, light masking, sunburns, photomontages.
Many years later, I had to stop with the developing my shots, and I reduced my photo-activity.
With the advent of digital, I re-started to photograph, and now I am in full activity!
My preferred subject are the cats. My cats, and oters. But I like landscapes too, emotive shots, city shots, still-life, and others.
I still love the Black and White, and with the digital work I can reach the best results. Better than in the Darkroom.

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Impossible love. Two figures embrace in a tailoring on a backdrop of the nineteenth century.

Composition of many photos to obtain a romantic fantasy picture.

A pyramid of tree trinks covered with snow and ice, topped by a bare tree.

Antiqued Portrait of a beautiful cat posing on a couch.
The cat pose echoes the shape of the arm of the couch.
It looks like an old picture on crumpled paper.
Romantic and pleasant picture.

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”Hallo, Sharon!
Welcome on Artflakes!
I like very much your nature photos. There are nice and full of poetry.

Ciao, Raffaella“
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Sharon Mau is a fine art photographer, journalist, visual communicator and conceptual artist residing upcountry on the beautiful tropical island of ihikapalaumaewa, more commonly known as Maui Hawaii - Paradise on Earth - Island of Rainbows, specializing primarily in beautiful tropical flowers, conceptual art and seascapes.

An expanse of persimmon leaves colorful and lively with a fruit inside.
Colors of autumn, full of joy.

The trusting abandonment of a cat with his human.

A horse on the "Alpe di Siusi" (Trentino Alto Adige - Italy)

A beautiful Black and White cat portrait. The pose of the cat is amazing: in a ray of sun that shows the beauty of her.

Icon of St. George and the Dragon, hand painted with the technique of egg tempera on a wood support.

A beautiful cat lying on a lawn with the reflex of the grass in the eyes.

A group of lilac roses on a green pine like background.