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Raul Lieberwirth

Photography is a constant learning experience for me. I try to capture life around me with as little changes to the original composition and thought as possible

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Playlist Song : Rivers and Roads - The Head and the Heart
Done in Bruges at our first evening, handheld at ISO3200, 24mm, F4 and 1/6th sec

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Playlist Song : Harmony - Eskmo
Done with the 100mmF2.8L at ISO100 F9 and 1/50sec after a spring rainshower in North Portugal in June

Playlist Song : Safe travels - Lisa Hannigan
Done in an alley at the Cafe Vissingen in Bruges at an unlikely Moment without people :), at F4.5, 40mm, ISO 200 and 1/160sec

Playlist Song : Close your eyes - Silver Trees
Done between Ziegelhausen and Wilhelmsfeld in the Heidelberg Adventure Forest on this foggy sunday afternoon at 50mm F4 and 1/60s ISO800

Playlist Song : Birch Trees & Broken Barns - Caroline Smith & the Goodnight Sleeps
While on my way to start working on another project, I crossed this small river over a narrow bridge and just had to take this late summer shot. Done with the 24-105F4L at 24mm ISO50 F22 and HDR processed with HDR Efex2 out of 5 exposures.

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I've been asked to write something about myself and my work so here goes.
I was born somewhere and then grew up, along the way I've had lots of jobs but have always been drawn back to my first love of photography.

Freelance photographer based in London.

Interested in the bizarre and mundane depending on what day of the week it is. Different perspectives, how a shadow falls, same shot from a different angle etc...

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My name is Inez Wijker and in my free time I am a passionate photograper.
Inez Wijker Photography on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Inez-Wijker-Photography/434412096632036

My specialty is capturing a specific spontaneous moment in time. I call my photographs “magic moments”, because they are often made in a magical split second.

I love making photos while I am travelling through other countries of nature, architectural details, close-ups, funny texts on billboards or buildings, animals, landscape and anything that will catch my eye like atmospheric moments as the sunset.

For me photography is a way to record everything I like or think is fascinating or am otherwise touched by. Feelings are at that moment 100% leading. When I see something from the corner of my eye and think “Oooh how nice” or “Oh what beautiful” and “Wow that’s special”, instantly I’ll make the photograph.

People say my photographs are beautiful and I love to share them with equal souls! I hope you enjoy them as much as I do ...

Inez Wijker Photography on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Inez-Wijker-Photography/434412096632036

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Achim Koerfer wurde am 27. Juni 1969 in Erkelenz geboren. Im Alter von acht Jahren entdeckte er seine Liebe zur Fotografie. Was zunächst spielerisch-experimentell mit analogen Mehrfachbelichtungen begann, entwickelte er im Laufe der Jahre zu der künstlerischen Technik, die sein Werk bis heute charakterisiert. Als Fotokünstler setzt sich Koerfer intensiv mit drängenden gesellschaftlichen Themen auseinander. In seinen Werkreihen inszeniert er diese Themen in neu- und einzigartigen Bildwelten, die mit starken Farben polarisieren, zur Reflexion anregen und einen Sichtwechsel bewirken wollen.

Achim Koerfer was born in the German town of Erkelenz on June 27, 1969. At the age of eight, he discovered his love for photography. What began as playful experimentation with multiple exposures using a conventional camera developed over the years into the singular artistic technique that has become the hallmark of his work. In his work as fine art photographer Koerfer addresses urgently topical social concerns. In his photo sequences he exposes these issues in terms of novel and compelling images of vivid and vibrant colors to polarize opinion, evince reflection and a shift of perspective.

Website: www.unikatfabrik.de/en
Facebook: www.facebook.com/unikatfabrik
Twitter: https://twitter.com/unikatfabrik
Behance: www.behance.net/achimkoerfer
Linkedin: http://de.linkedin.com/in/achimkoerfer

Looking past Heidelberg into the Upper Rhine Plain at sunset.
Done with the 100mm F2.8L at ISO100 F10 and 15sec.

Playlist Song : Wild Wood - Paul Weller


Done with 24-105 at F4 ISO400 and 1/500sec on one of the last warm days end of october

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Playlist Song : Wake Up - Zeds Dead & Omar Linx
Been doing some freehand motion tests tonight. It was freezing but I think i have the speed to exposure ratio right. Next step is steadying the movement.
The distance covered was around 70m in 56 seconds with the 24-105 at ISO 50 and 24mm.

Playlist Dong : Coldest Days - Rural Alberta Advantage


Well oh lord it's tearing us apart
Way to love is holding on to your heart
And I would never be the one to start
The way to love is holding on to your heart

And I held you in the coldest days
I held you in the coldest ways
I never know what to start to pick up and change

And our love is locked in an empty home
In a creaky chest pumping through an empty stone
And I would never be the one to hold
Your creaky chest holding an empty stone

Our love was holding on through the frostbitten dawn
I never know what to start to pick up and change
 Oh I held you in the coldest days  I held you in the coldest ways  I never know what to start to pick up and change    Done with the 24-105 at ISO400 F11 while going sleigh riding yesterday at the Kohlhof near Heidelberg.

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Playlist Song : Tracier - UNKLE

Done with 50mm1.4 at ISO200 F6.3 and 1/4sec

We took the sleighs out to Kohlhof again today, but unlike yesterday, there wasn't blue sky and sun, but strong winds, constant snowing and heavy fog starting to creep up on us.
All sounds were muffled, but you could hear the joy of people shouting while speeding down the hill and still ... ghostly due to the foggy blur that left us to ourselves.

Done with the 100mm F2.8L at ISO 800 F2.8 and 1/160sec.
This is a first test shot for the just remember series. Lets see how many of those I get.
This version of the magnificent Pixies song is just to beautiful to pass by. Great Cover.
Playlist Song : Where is my mind - Trampled by turtles
Oh - stop

With your feet in the air and your head on the ground
Try this trick and spin it, yeah
Your head will collapse
But there's nothing in it
And you'll ask yourself

Where is my mind [3x]

Way out in the water
See it swimmin'

I was swimmin' in the Caribbean
Animals were hiding behind the rocks
Except the little fish  But they told me, he swears  Tryin' to talk to me, coy koi.    Where is my mind [3x]    Way out in the water  See it swimmin' ?    With your feet in the air and your head on the ground  Try this trick and spin it, yeah  Your head will collapse  If there's nothing in it  And you'll ask yourself    Where is my mind [3x]    Oh  With your feet in the air and your head on the ground  Oh  Try this trick and spin it, yeah

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Lisbon based Freelance Photographer. Born and grown up 1988 in the south of Germany. Photography as a passion!

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Just an amateur ;)

Born and living in Olawa, Poland.

The Theodor-Heuss-Rhine River Bridge (Theodor-Heuss-Rheinbrücke) also known as the Autobahnbrücke Frankenthal (Autobahn Bridge, Frankenthal) is a bridge that spans the Rhine River along Autobahn 6 and connects the regions of Rhineland-Palatinate with Baden-Wuerttemberg. The four-lane bridge crosses the upper Rhine north of the cities of Ludwigshafen and Mannheim in an east-west direction on the motorway connecting Saarbrücken, Kaiserslautern, Mannheim, and Viernheim. The length of the entire span, which consists of the main river span and two land spans, is over a kilometer long. The land span on the western side is somewhat longer, because the west bank is flatter than the east.

The bridge construction began in 1938. On 12 December 1940 a major accident occurred when the frame collapsed. The construction was then suspended because of the Second World War. Work on the bridge resumed in 1948 and was completed in 1964.

The bridge has no shoulders along the roadway which results in kilometer-long traffic jams during maintenance work and after accidents. A walkway is available along the center of the bridge that allows walkers and cyclists to cross the Rhine. A staircase in the suspension towers allows access to the walkway

A gridshell is a structure which derives its strength from its double curvature (in the same way that a fabric structure derives strength from double curvature), but is constructed of a grid or lattice.

The grid can be made of any material, but is most often wood (similar to garden trellis) or steel.

Gridshells were pioneered in the 1896 by Russian engineer Vladimir Shukhov in constructions of exhibition pavilions of the All-Russia industrial and art exhibition 1896 in Nizhny Novgorod.

Large span timber gridshells are commonly constructed by initially laying out the main lath members flat in a regular square or rectangular lattice, and subsequently deforming this into the desired doubly curved form. This can be achieved by pushing the members up from the ground, as in the Mannheim Multihalle. More recent projects such as the Savill Garden gridshell were constructed by laying the laths on top of a sizeable temporary scaffolding structure which is removed in phases to let the laths settle into the desired curvature.

Playlist Song :
Atlas Hands Benjamin Francis Leftwich

When we went to the cemetary today to clean my grandparents grave, my daughter picked up the flying dandelion and for a fragile moment, it just set there, before it went on its way...

Take me to the docks, there's a ship without a name
It is sailing to the middle of the sea
The water there is deeper than anything you've ever seen
...Jump right in and swim until you freeze

I will remember your face
'Cause I am still in love with that place
But when the stars are the only things we share
Will you be there?

Money came like rain to your hands while you were waiting
For that cold long promsie to appear
People in the churches started singing above their hands
They say "My God is a good God and he cares"
 I will remember your face  'Cause I am still in love with that place  When the stars are the only things we share  Will you be there?    I've got a plan  I've got an atlas in my hands  I'm gonna turn when I listen to the lessons that I've learned     Done with the 100 F2.8L at ISO800 and 1/4000tsec. Adjusted the curves and applied a C04 Cross Process.

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I started to draw at the age of 13, that was the time i got first inspired by anime styles. I was lucky enough to get into an art school a year after and graduated quickly at the age of 14 as an animator. I'm trying to try different types of art with different media, but my favourite is digital illustrations. Sometimes i enter to contests too, because i feel that it's a great opportunity to polish my skills.


I draw the piece digitally, if you're interested in it, feel free to contact me about it.