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Raymond Inauen

Raymond Inauen

I'm an Art Director and Graphic Designer and Photography is my second or maybe first passion. Whichever, when I'm not working as Art Director or Illustrating I'm out there with my camera.

My goal is to catch the light, that magic moment when everything comes together for the perfect picture. My hobby is more then just a hobby it's an inspiration that lives on forever captured by me.

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Lake zug on a winters afternoon

Located in Hirzel bordering between Zürich and Zug. The hilly landscape is typical for the area. Single trees sit on top of small hills ...

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A romantic little bungalow overlooking the Santorini caldera. This quiet location is situated in OIA overlooking the northern tip of the caldera. A lovers corner for a passionate night.

Late afternoon overlooking the Santorini caldera.

White spaces, gray surfaces, ocean blue, the quite side of Santorini. A dramatic view overlooking the Santorini caldera.

Early afternoon overlooking the Caldera in Santorini.

A little gemoetry, and a lot of color, and what you get is a very graphic image.

Rolling hillside with view into the alps. High in the sky, the moon melts into the background.

This panoramic view was taken from the Albis hillside overlooking Baar/Zug and the Zugersee (Lake Zug). On the right shoulder the Pilatus, and on the left side the Rigi Blick. In the background the Berner alps. This image isn't the full size, the origianal picture was made up of 3 pictures, stiched together. 13 x 3 thousand pixels. To big to upload on Artflakes. ;-)