Richard Herron

Richard Herron

Rick Herron has been doing automotive design for over five years and automotive art for over fifteen.

In 2009 he was accepted as a member of the prestigious Guild of Motoring Artists. He has sold his artwork to customers in the U.S. and around the world.

In 2009 he was hired by Erra,Inc. to do their designs for a full line of electric vehicles from sports cars to trucks and buses. In 2005 he was tasked by Claudio Ballard with creating the initial concepts of the Iconic GTR, the future AC Cobra.

He has also freelanced a number of 3D designs.

Now he has made available, through ArtFlakes, a number of his paintings of Classic and European automobiles.

Rick has a great track record of successful commissions from owners around the world for portraits of their exotic or collector automobiles and is available to do a painting of your car. With the sale of prints of his artwork which now grace the homes of collectors and museums he is also available for any project that might come to mind. His preference is for machines that move, trains, planes, boats and automobiles as examples.

He resides in Los Angeles, and sometimes in Nice, France. He is married with one daughter,

Racing Cars by Richard Herron (2 works)