Richard Tilbury

Richard Tilbury

Currently working freelance as a concept artist and illustrator.

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Richard Tilbury has uploaded Harbinger

This painting depicts a bringer of bad news to those with a dark heart and who leaves a trail of death and destruction in his path. Almost like a grim reaper, he relinquishes the land of evil and troublesome foes restoring balance to the world around him.

This picture depicts an off-world mining colony and shows a shantytown nestled along a huge ravine. The miners accommodation has been densely crammed onto the side of the gorge in order to remain protected form the harsh weather conditions and windswept plains above. In the distance can be seen some of the mining structures which reflect the scale of the operation.

Richard Tilbury has uploaded Invasion

This image depicts the impending invasion of a huge army upon a neighbouring realm. It shows the "calm before the storm" as the knights amass themselves ready for the ensuing battle and await the arrival of the opposing army.