Rick Binkley

Rick Binkley

Hello my name is Rick I live in Knoxville Tennessee USA. I have a four year degree in graphics art, which I completed a few years ago. This has been a long journey for me, and I hope you will enjoy the fruits of my labor, that I will be sharing. Thank you for taking the time to view my work.

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I am trying to convey the feelings of living in a lighthouse at night, along the point with tramp steamers going up and down the coast. If you listen closely you can hear the music playing.

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Doing Digital Graphical work since DOS and printing with my LC-10 Matrix Printer.
Certified Arts Teacher (painting/drawing-music-drama/acting) for several years now on a secondary school., where I try to convince the School Management that Digital Art is Art too.

Photographer since my first Kodak pocketcamera when I was 8 years old.

I use different programs to edit my work i.e. PSP, Photophiltre, Bryce, etc, etc. I try to use the best features of any program to make my work look the way my mind designed it.

My main work exist Virtual Photography. Besides that I like blending and posterizing.

Rick Binkley has uploaded Lost Island

Somewhere in the ocean is the Lost Island a place where shipwrecked survivors go but never leave.

Rick Binkley has uploaded Alone

This is a world that may seem familiar but it is not. Take a good look at the moon in the sky and then create your own story.

Rick Binkley has uploaded Night Moves

This is the first in a series of old railroad paintings that reflect the railroads at the turn of the century and the culture.