I'm in love with a Visual Culprit

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rinoaiigo has uploaded Listen

Listen, listen to the trees, listen to the stars
listen to the wind, listen to the stars too.
Listen to the things your eyes won't tell you

rinoaiigo has uploaded Ouroboros Ophis

At the end is where I begin
Singing a song of Recreation and Death
While the flowers wither under the veiled moon
At dawn another budding shall bloom

rinoaiigo has uploaded troubled

troubled, so troubled
let me light a cigarette while i trouble
the smoke smells like a leader
and the troubles followed

rinoaiigo has uploaded Manifestation

thoughts can be healthy or unhealthy
the bad ones are like parasites
they manifests and feeds on the host
until the host's brain self-destruct

rinoaiigo has uploaded Emotions III

Animals bring out the softest side of me

rinoaiigo has uploaded emotions II

The Veins is our Roots
the only person we have control over is ourselves

rinoaiigo has uploaded emotions

colors can be a representation of emotions
an escalation
or a downright death spiral of a decomposed rainbow.

Time is like an ocean
Sank to the bottom of the sea
I can only move ahead
and hope that regrets wouldn't catch up with me.

Have you ever felt like you know something but you can't find grasp what it is exactly?
You're choked in a conversation with someone you want to give an impression because you forgot how well you used to do in this topic with someone else?
You find it hard to track-back on what you had once given so much thought in?
Have you ever felt all your knowledge is a bloody board game, and when memories randomly throw a dice, then perhaps your mind will randomly let you recall what you wanted to say yesterday?

Why is it always like Snake&Ladder to the Doors of Our Mind?