Robert Oelman

Robert Oelman

I am an American citizen and nature photographer living outside of Cali, Colombia. I specialize in macro photography of exotic insects and also in panoramic photography using a realistic high dynamic range technique. My current "backyard" includes the jungles, forests, and mountains of Colombia, Ecuador and Peru.

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Born and living in Gdansk, Poland.

San Cipriano is a nature preserve off the road which leads from Cali to Buenaventura in southwest Colombia; it is known for its' river of crystal clear water. To capture this 180 degree panoramic, we had to cross this river carrying the photographic equipment above our heads while trying not to succumb to the strong current of the river.

Loxahatchee at 7 in the morning, located west of Boynton Beach in southeast Florida

This magical place is found on the road to the southeast area of Joshua Tree National Park in Southern California. Due to the mountains in the west, the sunset can be as early as 4:30, a good time to capture the sun's rays illuminating the yellow and white tops of the cacti.

An infinity of boulders on the Hidden Valley Nature Trail in Joshua Tree National Park, a magnificent scene in this special desert landscape; Joshua Tree is a "must see" place for any visitor to southern California

Big Morongo Canyon Preserve a dry marsh in Morongo Valley, California which has beautiful desert scenery and which is near to Joshua Tree National Park; when the sun shines at its' brightest, the sky becomes a brilliant blue and creates a wonderful contrast with the white-grey color of the trees.

Laguna de la Cocha seen from outside the Hotel Sindamanoy, at 7 in the morning with a clear sky; located in the department of Nariño in southern Colombia; this high altitude lake is enchanting, and the area is known as the "Switzerland of Colombia." In the distance on the right is the Isla de la Corota, a beautiful nature reserve. The photo is a 180 degree, stitched, HDR panoramic.

A special place in southwest Colombia, Anchicaya, where the tropical climate induces a proliferation of exotic insects; there are also beautiful panoramic vistas which demonstrate the grandeur of the natural world. A tropical rain forest at its' finest!

A 180 degree stitched panoramic of Silvia, Cauca; up and to the right and also in the direction behind the camera lies the ancestral home of the Guambiano people. Their territory extends into the paramo which is a part of the central mountain range of Colombia. This whole area is very picturesque as if it were crafted from a fairy tale.

Above the small village of Minga in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta in northern Colombia; the sky is cloudy and the day is gray, which was a good time to capture the somber mood of this beautiful place. From here, the hike to the snow-covered mountain peaks would take two to three days.

This ceiba tree is close to the Amazon river and within the national park of Colombia at Amacayacu. The tree could be between 400 and 500 years old, and it has an imposing and palpable presence. Assisting me in the photo is Vicente who was 6 years old at the time and an inhabitant of Mocagua, an indigenous community on the banks of the river some 60 kms upriver from Leticia.

The hydro-electric dam at Anchicaya, the reservoir is fed by two rivers in this area in southwest Colombia which has heavy rainfall. The climate here and the diverse vegetation is such that there is a high diversity and abundance of exotic insects which, of course, is to my liking! At the moment of this panoramic sequence, I caught a lucky break and received several minutes of sunlight.

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This is a view of my finca where I live, located in the Farallones mountains outside of Cali, Colombia. This 180 degree, stitched, high dynamic range panoramic photo was the first panoramic that I "got right." There are many potencial errors that one can make in this kind of photography and one also needs a dosis of luck to pull off an artistic result.

This is a parasitic tree consuming what remains of the infamous prison on the island of Gorgona, which is located 50 kms off the southern coast of Colombia. In tropical rain forests, the vegetation is abundant and grows very rapidly. This area is inhabited by aggressive bands of Capuchin monkeys and the overall ambience is somewhat sinister!

This is a remote rain forest in southwest Colombia without public access. To reach the point of this photo, we had to cross a river and then walk up the stream. I was lucky enough to catch some rare sunlight for about 15 minutes which made this 180 degree panoramic possible. This is pristine nature at its' finest and is a place hardly ever visited by human beings.

This tropical island is a Colombian national park. It is located some 50 kms off the southern coast of Colombia and it has no native population. It is known for the ruins of a once infamous prison and also for the presence of the lethal fer de lance or Bothrops atrox snake. This is a 180 degree panoramic photo which produces a distortion in that the island appears smaller than it really is.

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This lone Joshua tree is in a canyon located off Keys Road West in Joshua Tree National Park in southern California. At the time of year when this panoramic photo was taken, the sun never strikes directly on the tree but nevertheless there was suficient light. This is a 180 degree stitched panoramic.

This mangrove swamp is located in the Parque NN Utria, in the department of Choco on the Pacific coast in western Colombia; to take this HDR panoramic, I along with my tripod was "planted" in the water and mud while I was making 49 exposures and trying to remain absolutely still so as not to ripple the water

This panoramic photo depicts a lush woods full of bromelias located in the center of a small island called Isla de la Corota; the island is a nature preserve situated in the Laguna de la Cocha, dedpartment of Nariño in southern Colombia; this area is known as the "Switzerland of Colombia."

The gallery on market day, which falls on Tuesday of every week, in Silvia department of Cauca in southwest Colombia; Silvia and the surrounding area is the home of the Guambiano ethnic group, some Guambianos with their characteristic dark blue clothing can be seen in this stitched panoramic photo