Robert Nitiredjo

Robert Nitiredjo

Robert Nitiredjo (1976). I'm a Dutch illustrator/painter. Passionate about art since childhood. Totally committed to excellence, intolerant of mediocrity and continuously elevating my style. In my opinion, a successful work of art not only shows solid craftsmanship, but also sparks emotion.

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Couple of otters playing their version of Trick or Treat with some smallmouth bass fish.

Painting of an Arctic Diva giving a shattering performance.

Painting of a little fearless raccoon riding a wild boar. His raccoon buddies are looking on, each experiencing their own emotions.

Painting of a squirrel walking a tightrope, juggling several nuts.

Medieval hare showing off his skateboard skills in a half pipe.

Painting of a medieval hare showing off his skateboard tricks in a half pipe.

Painting of a medieval hare showing off his skateboard tricks in a half pipe.

Digital painting of a rooster playing guitar for his adoring hens.

This is another digital painting of my "Animal Kingdom" project. In the end, all these animals have to entertain their (Lion) King in a big final Animal Kingdom painting.

This is the first in a series of medieval themed animal paintings.
The Chimpanzee Jester is ready to entertain you with his jokes, dances and all-around foolish behaviour.

Robert Nitiredjo has uploaded Devil

Little devil character. He's looks a bit goofy and lazy. A piece of his horn broke off, probably from the many times he fell down while being totally drunk...

Cat wearing a traditional Dutch costume and clogs.

A naked parrot sits in a laundromat, watching his feathers being washed.

A fierce Silverback gorilla leaps in the air as he prepares to slam-dunk the ball through the basket.

Digital painting of three hip-hop characters posing in the streets of New York.