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Treppenhaus in einem verlassenen Sanatorium (2014)

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geboren und aufgewachsen im Waldviertel, lebt derzeit in Wien.
Die Künstlerin ist Gründungsmitglied der Künstlergruppe „Flow-Art“. Ihre kreativen Ressourcen, die sie bereits als Kind in sich trug, entdeckte sie 2004 wieder.
Charakteristisch für ihre Bildexperimente ist die Kombination unterschiedlicher Maltechniken. Kräftige Farben, die Lebensfreude und Energie widerspiegeln, unterstreichen die starke Wirkung ihrer abstrakten Motive und vermitteln zugleich eine gewisse Wärme.

Ihre Werke umfassen vorwiegend lebendige und lichtvoll-abstrakte Acryl Collagen sowie facettenreiche panArt Werke, bei denen ihrer Ausdruckskraft keine Grenzen gesetzt sind.

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Assist. Prof. Irmak Akçado?an
Born in Istanbul, 1974. Graduated from Marmara University, Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of Painting in 1997. Received her Master’s degree from Mimar Sinan University, Department of Graphics in 2002 and her Proficiency in Art diploma from Marmara University, Institute of Fine Arts, Department of Graphics in 2006. Faculty member at Maltepe University, Department of Graphic Design during 2000-2010. Participated in 41 group exihibitons, held 4 solo exhibitions during 1994-2014. Her articles were published in various journals. Recieved “Art in Turkey Journal” Achievement Award in the painting competition organized by Ay?e Ercümend Kalm?k Foundation, 1st Prize Award in the illustration competition organized by Umur Company, 3rd Prize Award for “Think-shirt T-Shirt competition”. In 2012, she received an award in the collage competition organized for the 20th anniversary of U2’s Achtung Baby Album. Titled to be an Assistant Professor’s in 2006. Since 2010, she has been working at Do?u? University, Faculty of Fine Arts and Design, Department of Graphics. Published Books: “Basic Art Education and Digital Media”, Epsilon Publishing, October 2006, Istanbul.

1974’de ?stanbul’da do?du. 1997 y?l?nda Marmara Üniversitesi, Güzel Sanatlar Fakültesi, Resim Bölümü’nden mezun oldu. 2002 y?l?nda Mimar Sinan Üniversitesi, Güzel Sanatlar Enstitüsü, Grafik Bölümü’nde, Yüksek Lisans e?itimini tamamlad?. 2006 y?l?nda Marmara Üniversitesi, Güzel Sanatlar Enstitüsü, Grafik Bölümü, Sanatta Yeterlik derecesini ald?. 2000-2010 y?llar? aras?nda, Maltepe Üniversitesi, Grafik Tasar?m Bölümü’nde ö?retim eleman? olarak görev yapt?. 1994-2014 y?llar? aras?nda 41 karma ve grup sergisi ile 4 ki?isel sergi gerçekle?tirdi. Dergilerde çe?itli makaleleri yay?nland?. Ay?e Ercümend Kalm?k Vakf?’n?n düzenledi?i resim yar??mas?nda “Türkiye’de Sanat Dergisi” özel ödülü, Umur Firmas?n?n düzenledi?i “illüstrasyon yar??mas?”nda 1.’lik ödülü, “Think-shirt” T-Shirt tasar?m yar??mas?nda 3.’lük ödülü, 2012 y?l?nda U2’nun Achtung Baby Albümünün 20. Y?l kutlamalar? kapsam?nda gerçekle?tirdi?i albüm kolaj? yar??mas?nda ödül kazand?. 2006 y?l?nda Yard?mc? doçentlik ünvan?n? ald?. 2010 y?l?ndan beri Do?u? Üniversitesi Sanat ve Tasar?m Fakültesi Grafik Bölümü’nde görev yapmaktad?r. Yay?nlanan Kitaplar?: “Temel Sanat E?itimi ve Dijital Ortam”, Epsilon Yay?nevi, Ekim 2006, ?stanbul.

Based near Pickering in North Yorkshire, I’m lucky to have a stunning area to explore, coupled with a passion (some may say obsession!) with photography it doesn’t take much to get me out into local area to try and capture the beauty that surrounds me.

Hello, I’m Andreu Zaragoza (, a Barcelona based designer and illustrator. I completed advanced studies in graphic design at the School of Art and Design La Llotja in 2007 and since then I've been working on several studies and doing freelance projects. I’m currently working in the packaging industry and coursing an illustration post graduate at the School of Design BAU (Barcelona).

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Graphic designer, freelance illustrator and T-shirt designer from SOUTH KOREA. I have a 12 years careers as a professional artist.
My Clients: US NIKE, HASBRO, TAGGER, LG telecom, Samsung

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I can see so many nice work here, I'm glad to be here.

Shahab shamshirsaz, a character designer, as well as an illustrator for cartoons and children's books. His style is quirky and colourful,
He enjoys working with different techniques within traditional and digital mediums.

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It was this quote by Thoreau that started my collection of quotes...many years ago.

[A written word is the choicest of relics. It is something at once more intimate with us and more universal than any other work of art. It is the work of art nearest to life itself.]

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Suckingfish is Bulgarian visual artist working in the area of illustration and mix-media painting.

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You can find more of my work on :

For projects, jobs, collaborations or any other questions you can contact me at:

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I'm drawn to beauty and balance, try to avoid being repetitive while challenging myself to tear down boundaries in order to create the unexpected.

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+++ work in progress +++

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Born and living in Gdansk, Poland (at least today).


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Kris Tate from Guatemala City, lives in Manchester United Kingdom , illustrator passion for art and make crazy things live in her imaginary world, shapes, and colors
abstract life

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I'm a 27 years old mexican digital artist, I started doing commissioned work in 2009 and was able to make it a full-time profession in 2011. Illustration and painting are my thing. Realism is my style and I love it.