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Ron Greer

Ron Greer

Seattle based commercial photographer. Personal work focuses on medium format black and white street photography.

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Ron Greer has uploaded 2CV in the snow

snow covered Citroen 2cv in snow; Berlin.

Ron Greer has uploaded Stones and salt

black and white beach detail of stones and foamy ocean water

old black city bicycle leaning against post. Berlin

Ron Greer has uploaded street crossing

black and white image of person crossing Berlin Mitte street.

Snow covered East German Robur van, in Mitte, Berlin

Black and white scene at the beach of Étretat, France

black and white street photography, Berlin

black and white street photogrpahy, Berlin

black and white street photography, Berlin

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I am musician from Poland performing in Poland and Europe as well as in cruiseships but my passion and hobby is photography.I travel a lot and due to my many trips I like to see my own point of view reflected in pictures. I like to shot simples things giving them a natural and espontaneous essence just like the way they are.
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young girl walking briskly in mid-town nyc

cloudy sky at sunset looking west over puget sound towards Bainbridge Island

Ron Greer has uploaded Oranium: Berlin

black and white medium format photography, Berlin, cafe, ron greer

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My field of interest in photography has always been art photography more than anything else. Art photography allows me to express how I feel about myself, about the world inside me and the world that surrounds me. It gives me the possibility to dream on the edge of reality.

All my photographs, are raw, so to speak, because I never use photoshop on them, as life for me is the highest form of art. I strongly believe that creative photography is a powerful medium we should use to make this world a better place.

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Herzlich willkommen in meiner Galerie!

‘Keine Kunst ohne Trunkenheit. Dann aber: göttliche Trunkenheit! Die Vernunft möge verschwinden! Rausch! Das höchste Stadium des Rausches! In den brennendsten Wahnsinn getaucht! Viel weiter als je der Alkohol führt! Die Kunst ist die leidenschaftlichste Orgie des Menschen. Kann man Menschen begegnen, die von Kunst ganz nüchtern sprechen und einfach sagen: ‘Ich werde mir gleich ein Bild anschauen‘, ohne mit den Zähnen zu klappern? - als ob es sich nicht um die tiefste und totalste Ausschweifung handle, eine Art Sabbat, wohin man sich wahrscheinlich nicht begibt, ohne daß das Herz beklommen schlägt, wenn man anderen anvertraut: ‘Ich gehe gleich zu einem Zauberer und lasse mich in eine Maus verwandeln.‘
Jean Dubuffet

black and white street photography

black and white street photography

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I have had a passion for photography all my life. I specialize in photographying the flora and fauna of Quebec.
My work has been published in books,calendars,poster and
in museums.

black and white street photography, Berlin