Iñigo Rotaetxe

Iñigo Rotaetxe

Director and motion designer with a growing love and passion for illustration, drawing, sketching, toy desgin, and most things done with my hands.
My blogs: http://rotaetxe.tumblr.com/ and http://rotaetxe.blogspot.com

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Same image as Captain Horseyear, only withou the lettering

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Procreate on iPad. This drawing came spontaneously, from memory, without any reference material at sight, neither had I recently looked at any TnTn image. So either I am contaminated by it or maybe the Kensington pen was loaded with it...

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”Thanks steffan, thanks Tomás!“
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Spanish grandpa, or just a spanish retired man not retired; running out of everything thanks to Merkel-Rajoy marriage.

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Pope's roasted holly trinity for dinner.
Procreate on iPad.

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Superhero with space-time distorting powers. Created on iPad retina with Procreate app.

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Mexican folklorik illustrator & graphic designer.

by goiniro

Another awesome artwork by goiniro

Camomile-cheese plant
by goiniro

Location scout in Pedraza for Blancanieves by Pablo Berger
by goiniro

by goiniro

Los músicos
by goiniro

Another awesome artwork by goiniro