Sabrina Schulz

Sabrina Schulz

Vielen Dank fürs Vorbeischauen :)

~Kurz zu mir~

Ich zeichne: vorwiegend digital
Benutze dabei vor allem Programme wie: Gimp, Photoshop
Hobby und Stile: Games, Manga, Comics
Eigenart: Zeichne bisher aus Gewohnheit ausschließlich mit dem Touchpad, ohne Grafiktablett
Ich wünsche: viel Spaß beim Anschauen

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As you can see most of my paintings incorporate a Lab in some whimsical way. Living with three, they are a constant reminder not to take things to seriously. As I do all my painting outdoors, I am forever being interrupted by a juicy tennis ball in my lap and cold wet Lab nose poking my elbow. In spite of or because of all the help from my furry friends, I’ve had a continuous supply of inspiration and have been able to share with collectors all over the world. With my photographs I explore my everyday surroundings to reveal interesting and fun light, angles, and colors. I believe it all tells a story.
I have a background in mechanical engineering and computer programming, so sometimes I have to fight off the urge to be too technical and logical with my art. My passion for art probably began on a college field trip to the Guggenheim Museum in New York to see an Alexander Calder exhibit. Calder was also an engineer, so I believe that you can blend the two skills.
I hope that you enjoy my work.

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"All Things are True. God is an Astronaut. Oz is Over the Rainbow, and Midian is Where the Monsters Live..." Peloquin, Nightbreed, 1990.

I find beauty in the imperfect, the unbalanced, the disturbing and try to capture that odd, unconventional beauty in the photographs I make. I invite you to take my little slices of the macabre and create your own fractured fairy tales...

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Jeder Gamer weiß wovon ich spreche.

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Mit Liebe zum Land und Essen.

-Photoshop Illustration
-sanft, weich gezeichnet