Sabine Cox

Sabine Cox

I'm a registered psychotherapist, living and working in Richmond Hill, near Toronto, in Ontario, Canada. I have been working with art in some form or shape since I was a kid: painting, drawing, sculpture. For me photography is the perfect way to relax and to get refocused on the beauty of the world we live in. I hope my photos help others, too, to reconnect to lives' many beautiful moments.

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A Monarch butterfly taking a rest and maybe a sip of nectar in late August before getting on it's long, long way back home to Mexico. Good luck, little fellow.

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A lady bug on its way up to the top of the world - or at least to the top of it's grass.

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The miracle of a bud becomes especially visible in the opening of a poppy bud. How did all of this mass of petals fit into this small, tight bud? Watching a poppy unfold is like watching a butterfly hatch in (very) slow motion.

I LOVE poppies: their fragile appearance belies their tough nature. The brilliance of their colour stands out in any weather. The symmetry in their heart is in perfect contrast to the chaotic appearance of their crumbled leaves.

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Sometimes what we see isn't quite what is there; and sometimes we can't see what is in all it's wholeness. What would it be like if we saw nature in the same way that we (often) see people: in parts, with some pieces missing?

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Signs of life can be found in many places. These two little creatures came out after a gentle summer rain. They remind me to stay resilient: carrying their houses, making the best of a rainy day.

Resting under the honeysuckle bush, dreaming of treasures.

The old garden table, now a resting place for birds and squirrels.

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A bike leaning against the house, waiting to be taken for a spin.

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Birds in different scenarios.

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The "little" tractor in the old shed, waiting to get back to work, dreaming of long-ago times.

Tools, containers, and objects from a forgotten past, collected in a crumbling barn.

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A spider wove her web in the opening bud of a Queen Ann's Lace flower.

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A mysterious gateway in a dark city street.

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Spokes of an old wheel resting in the fields.

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The mesmerizing gaze of green cat eyes...

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The first sign of spring...

Oil pastel painting of a pine tree.

Oil pastel painting of a pine cone.