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oil on canvas,100cm x 60cm, original painting at 800 euro

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digital art by Safir & Rifas

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digital art by Safir & Rifas

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digital art by Safir & Rifas

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DIGITAL ART,by Safir & Rifas

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100 CM X 150 CM

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Scott Oppenheim is an interactive designer living and working in Washington, D.C. When he is not busy designing interactive experiences for the web, he enjoys creating generative art as a hobby. He primarily uses Adobe's Flash, Illustrator, and Photoshop to create his art.

MyVisualCreation is inspired by artists who seek more of everyday life by way of creative freedom and internal vision. MyVisualCreation's philosophy is also to inspire others to channel ideas through creative power of imagination and translate their message through photography. It is connecting the gap between artists and media. At MyVisualCreation, we strive to differentiate ourselves through the creative process that allows for true expression to materialize. Melissa Salter is a graduate from Brooks Institute of Photography.

The Default Condition of life is "Beauty".
As Light spills over the world and then back to us, our experience is of "Beauty".
My job is not difficult, ...... Isolate and capture fragments of this inexhaustible resource.

It is as if every stone were a Diamond.

My name is Paul Lemke, ...... US landscapes and places are my subjects, ...... Enjoy, ......

Coast. Snow. Travel. Lifestyle. Beautiful Places.

I'm mostly focused on architecture and landscapes up to now and within on colors and structures. What really impresses me is the impressionist feel you can get from motion blur.

Founder & CEO of ARTFLAKES. Likes awesome photography.

140 CM X 190 CM