sandor zöldes hampel

I was born in a small town in Romania (Transylvania). October 25 1959. I grew up here, live here. As a child, I was interested in drawing, painting and sculpture.
With that explains that I graduated art school - teaching. I learned: drawing, painting, sculpture, design, textiles, ceramics, during my career I had several job. I was a creator of objects of porcelain, I was a teacher, I was editor of the press, now I wask in theater, as a stage decorator and designer. I love digital art and mixed technique. I participated in many exhibitions.Now living in Germany.
Here I try to show my digital creations, I like to create images on computer. Now the only way in which I work. The computer gives you many options, you can create advertisements, illustrations, 3D,
On my page on Facebook, you'll see other works, please use, Linc.

I hope you enjoy my digital art.

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