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All terrain artist willing to be inspired from multiple sources and apply the knowledge learned.

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Ruby Thorn, Wicked Sorceress Vixen.

Sorceress of the Dark Arts, Master of Flame and Brimstone.

She can channel her powers through her demonic possessed staff and the glyphs on her body enhance them further.

Her desire for power knows no bounds.

The Bone Demoness, capable of creating and shaping the bones of her body at will, creating weapons such as blades and swords directly off her extremities. She can also shape and generate an exoskeleton armor anywhere in her body and her muscles can grow and multiply her strength and resistance at will.

Bone Demoness, original character © by SciFiCat

Wicked Sorceress Vixen; Ruby Thorn.

I decided to go "Old School" for this pic, no Photoshop or digital enhancing of any kind, just brush, ink and acrylic wash. Since the game is trying to portrait a Sumi-e made world, I felt a piece done with traditional means was fitting for the subject at hand. I hope it is of the Okami's team liking.

Felicia chillaxing on a comfy sofa by a fireplace

My drive to create this piece was because I had not made a Felicia pic in a long while and wanted to try my hand at it in a warm colored, low light setting.

Hannah done with an anime style coloring/shading plus a little extra personal touch.

furry anthro antropomorph jaguar warrior valkyrie sword shield armor cat dome spire bell gold golden wings winged cliff rock rocks clouds

Rock - Paper - Scissor - Lizard - Spock

"It is only logical"