REPLAT Sandrine

REPLAT Sandrine

My Art is a study in light and shadow. I am a traditionnal and digital artist.
I use and mix different mediums to make my paintings : pencil, black ink, charcoal pen, acrylic or watercolor painting....and i often finish the details, the work of light and contrast on Photoshop. I like to explore all the possibilities of the different mediums i use. I suggest things playing with the light and huge contrast to convey a vision of the world close to the childhood's nightmares but full of fairy.

I am high school graduated in English and Graphic design and Communication (SUPCREA). I worked few years as a computer graphist.

In 2005, i decided to dedicate myself to illustration and started to collaborate with different music band.

I illustrated a short-story « Une Obscurité Infinie » written by Emilie Criscuolo, winner of the contest « Point à la Ligne » published in Roland Garros Magazine 2007.

I work with MyTego, a canadian company, that creates skins for cellphone, laptop, mobile phone, Guitar Hero, Rock Band, Ipod, Notebook, Xbox, Sony Playstation, Nintendo Wii, PSP...

In 2008 I collaborated with Jenica Harper ( Screenwriter for the Canadian industry TV) on an online comics books called "Abigail's War" published by Zeros2heros.

One of my picture "The Raven" has been published in Exposé 6 (Ballistic Publishing).

2009-2010 I collaborated with Freaks Magazine on several issues (1-3-5). I illustrated "Mauvaises Vibrations", a short story written by Jean-Pierre FAVARD and another one written by Laurent et Olivier Souillé "Les Frères Siamois".

In 2010 "Castle Forest" is published in the book Gothology, Misery loves Company n°2 (DAPshow Press, USA). I illustrated the cover for the novel "Rock n' Dole" written by J-P FAVARD (Editions de la clef d'argent 2010)

2011 I illustrated the cover for the novel "Le Chemin des Fées" written by Fabrice ANFOSSO (Editions Lokomodo, May 2011).

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