Sipo Liimatainen

Sipo Liimatainen

Sipo Liimatainen, Finnish Master of Contemporary Digital Art.

Sipo 'SipoArt' Liimatainen is a Finnish artist focused on fractals, digitalart, fine art prints and paintings.
He started with conventional air brush-technique in the early -80`s - at that time he was working in advertising (painting vehicles, portraits and walls custom-built). In the beginning of the 2000`s Sipo found the enchanting world of digital art, and since that he`s been navigating there - in his very own, never-ending surrealistic surroundings.

As a person Sipo is full of strong contrasts - a man with powerfully subtle sensors. His works are overwhelmed by free strength and tempting depth, and he combines different kinds of theories, trends and techniques with no doubt.
Sipo owns a mind with endless will to search and find; this curiousity can be easily sensed in everything he does.

If Sipo were an object he would definitely be a surprising prism - a master of light and shadows. In Sipo`s work and person roots of light rest on lap of darkness, and dark can naturally carry bright. Sipo`s universum of colours is simply extremely bewildering.

Sipo's galleries contain contemporary, post-modern and abstract digital artworks. Nowadays he creates mainly fractals and flames by painting style, which results in colorful, expressive abstract artworks.

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