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Sonali tejas gangane

Sonali tejas gangane

I belong to Pune,Maharashtra,India a city with historic importance and rich cultural heritage.Currently residing in United States.
I decided to venture in the beautiful and challenging world of fine arts and photography.Its best way to challenge one's creativity and asthetic sense.
I am not a born or trained artist, albeit with some inclination towards colours & playing them out on paper or canvas, I try to paint picture. I've been learning through some images & pictures real. My pictures posted over here are, fusion of certain imaginary & real scenarios put together. The inspiration for turning to brush & canvas, has been an urge, to look at things, through a perspective of colours & meaning behind it.
Born & raised in a country like India where colours & vibrancy of those is soul of the culture & life to many, I was always fascinated, by ability to think about colours. I am just an inspired artist, & inspired by everyday life. Imagination is logical but surreal extension of oneself. So everyday life is a controller of what I may imagine & pour on a canvas.
“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.”
― Pablo Picasso

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