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Tom McGrath

Despite being repeatedly told that all artists drink too much absinthe, cut their own ears off and only make money after they’re dead, I have always wanted to be one. Strangely, I haven’t grown out of it.

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This painting started off as a charcoal drawing in a sketchbook for a uni project. I thought it had some potential to look good coloured, so I coloured it! (In Photoshop)

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This image was created for an A1 size poster on the theme of ancient China.

The brief was to base the poster on a book from a randomly assigned dewy decimal number, mine was 931: Ancient China. There was only one book in the university library in that category. This picture is based on one of the pictures in that book of small wooden carving

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"Standing beneath the wizards gaze Jacob focused his entire being into the dragons tooth. He could feel his soul unwinding, but despite the strain on his spirit, his body remained untouched by the maelstrom of magical forces attacking his shield. The wizard tried every trick imaginable against him, but the defence was perfect. Yet while the barrage continued it took incredible strain to take even a step. Li and Joel’s frantic attacks against their foe were having little effect, despite Joels desperate war-cries
'Is this how it ends?' he wondered. After travelling the world, slaying dragons, battling demons and gaining much wealth in the process, was he to be struck down by the very man he had worked all this time for the resources to defeat?
And with that thought, he took another step."

- Tolsten the teller, whilst travelling with Jacob the Dragon slayer.

At the top of a hill, in a house on the cliff
Overlooking the vast sapphire sea
Lived a lady called Gill
Regarded still, as barmy as could be

For it was Gillian Finney's greatest wish
To own one of every single fish
The fat, the thin, the square, the big, the really small
Even those shaped like a dish, the crazy lady wanted all!

Come rain or shine or storm or hail she'd sit beside the sea
With a butterfly net getting rather wet and then go home for tea
Her catch she'd place in tanks of every shape and every size
The poor souls that she'd caught before would end up in fish pies.

One successful sunny day she caught a massive whale
She rolled her sleeves up, held on tight and dragged him by the tail
When she reached her house atop the hill and in his tank he went
She was far too tired to notice that that the floor had somewhat bent

That night while reading anglers weekly she heard a curious creak  As the water soaked her slippers she realised a leak  Had sprung up in the largest tank and now the glass was cracking  A blast of water later and poor Gill was soon sent packing    Cascading down with Gill came every fish and every tank  And as she hit the water neath the cliff and promptly sank  Ironically her thoughts took on a slightly new direction,  That maybe she could now  Somehow  Be part of whale's collection?

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Have you ever felt entirely alone? As if you were trapped on a spaceship orbiting a distant planet in the aftermath of an alien attack watching the last escape pods shrinking into the distance and wondering why this stuff always happens on your wedding day?

Me neither. But that' the story behind this picture. Evidently women and children first doesn't apply in the future. I didn't originally intend it this way but I think in hindsight it's a great metaphor for loneliness, albeit somewhat overwrought and melodramatic.

Also, this is my first ever science fiction painting, and it was difficult. Technically it was only as hard as any of my other paintings, but ideas wise it was pretty challenging! I just didn't know what to make things look like, and I'm certainly no interior designer. The big glass escape pod door was borne simply of trial and error along with whatever looked least awful.

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This picture was based on an idea suggested by an old friend. I liked the idea so much I decided to paint it. I can only hope I've done it justice.