Nic Squirrell

Nic Squirrell

Artist, illustrator, chocolate eater.

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A cute snarling and slightly sarcastic jaguar (or maybe he's a leopard) in the night.

A rounded collection of cacti and succulents in brightly colored pots. Time to bring the desert inside.

Grooviliciously retro abstract organic marbled pattern to make your day totally fab!

A cute pink unicorn decorated with flowers. Why not?

White chalk botanical flower doodle illustrations on a dark chalkboard background.

Lively abstract geometric splash in soft spring colors

Nic Squirrell has uploaded Hearts

Mid-century modern Scandinavian style heart pattern with a Japanese twist.

Scandinavian folk birds and flowers pattern on a sunny yellow background.

Llots of llovely llamas llolloping towards Llangollen

Nic Squirrell has uploaded Many Dogs

Illustration of a lot of cute and quirky dogs.

Watercolor painting of autumn flowers.

Nic Squirrell has uploaded Petals

Watercolor painting of a petal pattern on a blue ground

Nic Squirrell has uploaded Jewel

A bright and shining jewel to perk up your day

Painted blue brogue shoes for the sartorial gentleman or hipster.

Nic Squirrell has uploaded Oh Buoy!

Nets and Buoys to float the boat of any seafaring person.

Two cute llamas. Or are they alpacas?

Watercolor painting of flowers in an English meadow scattered to form a pattern on a white background.

A portrait of a very smart ginger cat in a suit and tie and bowler hat.
This cat means business.

Nic Squirrell has uploaded Sir Fox

A portrait of a gentleman fox.