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stamatisgr has uploaded Skeleton

"Skeleton Dream

I see the reflection between love and lust
I love to feel you in my arms,
The feel of your breathe against my skin
How distance is this memory
Now that its only just a skeleton dream."


stamatisgr has uploaded Acropolis

Athens - Acropolis

There is a certain area in Athens where it is not advised to walk alone
even in broad daylight. I "happened" to pass by that area on my motorbike, camera hanging from the neck...

Some people look for hell in religious books...
Some people look for paradise in their prayers...

Both are right here!
Beside front of us!

Addicts in the center of Athens

Part of a "Streets of Athens" post, titled "3 minutes in hell" ( posted here after a print request.

"The police finally came and all the junkies fled away... All except one...for obvious reasons... Still on my bike I watched the scene. The cop in the dark uniform listened to the guy who was begging not to be beaten (a common practice by the police towards the junkies) A passing buy immigrant stopped for a while, touched by the guy’s pleads..."

Part of a "Streets of Athens" post, titled "3 minutes in hell" ( posted here after a print request.

stamatisgr has uploaded The Stadium

Ancient Messene stadium

Taken in Northern Euboea island

stamatisgr has uploaded Decay

Athens - Anafiotika

stamatisgr has uploaded The rock

Athens- Acropolis

time and weather have left their scars....
the once locked door, longs for new visitors...

stamatisgr has uploaded Moody Blues

Northern Euboea island

Shutter Speed: 1/10 second
Aperture: F/1.8
Focal Length: 24 mm equiv
ISO Speed 80

Athens, Greece. Old ruined factory.

stamatisgr has uploaded Feel the sun

Northern Euboia island, early in the morning.

Northern Euboia island

Full moon at Nothern Euboia island.

Athens Thiseio metro station

stamatisgr has uploaded Fire in Athens

Published in "Daily Telegraph" Britain's best selling quality newspaper on their 15th of September issue with 900.000 circulation per day!

Freelance Greek photographer specialized in stock photos.