Stephen Jackson

In one sence this work is myown resistance to the chaos of the world. Deliberately taking us to a warm place I call home. A memory or imaginations of idillic tropical moments exist in mind and in reality. As is the art, somewhere between reality and dream like impressions of the natural common beauty of the Virgin Islands and along the southern California Pacific coast since 1989.
Growing up on St. Croix from age 14, linked to the island by historical family ties and something I can only discribe as spiritual. Having eaten her fruit and fished the sea, cultivated the soil and experienced her climates, the islands influence runs deep.
Mesmerized by paintings since I was too young to articulate my attraction. Seeing the early works of artist Uncle A.B. Jackson in Grandfathers house planted a seed that continues to grow and produce.
Born in New Haven Connecticut, a son of two creative familys, this artist S M Jackson is self taught. Developing my craft by obsevation and practice.

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