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Claudia Beck

Claudia Beck

Thank you for visiting my fine artworks webpage. I am excited to have you here! Following is brief bio of myself and my work, so please read on...

I am a lifelong artist and career graphic designer. I have a degree in Commercial Art with a minor in Illustration.

I currently do a diverse selection of freelance work from hand drawn traditional illustrations, computer generated photo collages, and graphical logo designs to website & blog design, setup and management services.

I love to be creative in everything I do and get all of my inspiration from the world around me -- mainly nature and all the awesome things it encompasses.

I hope you enjoy my work you find here at ARTFLAKES and that it inspires you when you have it displayed in your personal space.

If you would like some form of artwork or graphics that you cannot acquire here, please do visit my website. I have a full bio, gallery and business information easily available to my visitors there.

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Das Bild finden ist der Anfang, es zu bearbeiten der Weg, es in meinen Augen stimmig fertigzustellen, das Ziel.

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Dear followers,
I earnestly appreciate your interst in my art. Every single person is a source of motivation for me and I always take a look back at your galleries.

On the other hand is earning income as an artist an extremly hard job. I'm a freelancer in the real life, which means that there are days with more than 12 hours of work and many weeks in the row without weekend. So I'm simply not able to get more involved in the artistical exchange offered by Artflakes.

A. Lukasik-Fisch

Born 1973 in Warsaw, Poland.
Graduated 1997 at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw.
Living in Germany.
Main fields of activity:
Commercial human and horse portrait.
Book illustration.
Vector-based designs for industrial metal laser-beam cutter.
Design for print media.


Thomas Schaefer (, geboren in Norddeutschland. Studium der Geographie, Tätigkeit als Verleger und Grafiker. Lebt und arbeitet in Bremen. Fotografiert als Autodidakt seit den 80er Jahren. Aktuelles Medium: Digitale sw und Farbfotografie. Serien über New York nach mehrmaligen Aufenthalten dort. Dazu mehrere Publikationen und Ausstellungen in Vorbereitung. Bevorzugte Sujets: Street Fotografie und Architektur. Außerdem Landschaften und Portraits. Agenturen: u.a. gozooma Hamburg.

Ich freue mich über Rückmeldungen zu meinen Werken!

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~ˇ^ ̆° ̨` ̇ ́ ̇` ̨° ̆^ˇ~

Claudia Beck has uploaded Rejoice!

Inspirational Christian artwork by Claudia Beck of Sun Sea Promos' Designs by God division. Depicting God's glorious work with colorful clouds in the sky. Uplifting and positive with a beautiful text application of the word Rejoice, which includes a christian cross, to excite the eye, mind, spirit and soul, and to praise the Glory of God through this work.

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Will Berridge is a UK based documentary photographer who has had a fascination with the Sub Continent from the first time he travelled there in 1997. Since then he has returned numerous times and photographs both the chaos of the city and the wonder of village life.

Will aims to capture the essence and spirit of the subject in his photographs, and enjoys the challenge of portraying the emotional theme that underpins a scene. His soul penetrates his work, connecting with the subject on a fundamental level which is seen in the images produced.

Please feel free to contact Will with any questions and he will be happy to answer.