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Claudia Beck

Claudia Beck

Thank you for visiting my fine artworks webpage. I am excited to have you here! Following is brief bio of myself and my work, so please read on...

I am a lifelong artist and career graphic designer. I have a degree in Commercial Art with a minor in Illustration.

I currently do a diverse selection of freelance work from hand drawn traditional illustrations, computer generated photo collages, and graphical logo designs to website & blog design, setup and management services.

I love to be creative in everything I do and get all of my inspiration from the world around me -- mainly nature and all the awesome things it encompasses.

I hope you enjoy my work you find here at ARTFLAKES and that it inspires you when you have it displayed in your personal space.

If you would like some form of artwork or graphics that you cannot acquire here, please do visit my website. I have a full bio, gallery and business information easily available to my visitors there.

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    Beach - Resort - Travel Art (2 pictures)

    Quaint, colorful and festive beach scene of lively umbrellas. Pen and ink, digitally colorized. Has decorative border so no mat needed. Two varieties to choose from, one with fun textual saying on white, one with rich turquoise background and no text. Both are stylish and fun to look at.

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    Inspirational Christian Art Work

    Radiant, artistic and always uplifting illustrations and digital photographs with Christian themes. Made to inspire and engage the viewer. Designs by God are meant to remind us of who we are, who our maker is, how blessed we all are, and how glorious our creator is.

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    Animals in Art (2 pictures)

    Appealing, whimsical, beautiful, colorful animals prints and posters. Buy some for yourself and also makes the perfect gift for folks of all ages and genders. Any occasion is perfect: housewarming, birthdays, dorm, promotions, so much more. Need to spice up the walls of your office, restaurant or other place of business - this artwork is tasteful and alluring for any type of clientele and personnel.

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    Kitchen - Dining Room - Restaurant Artwork (4 pictures)

    This set of graphically designed food / vegetable art makes a great collection of wall prints. Abstract yet decorative, detailed hand-drawn scratch board images of popular and healthy recipe ingredients including vegetables and fruits. Designed with elegant typography to enhance the visual appeal of the imagery and educate the viewer. Be sure to purchase a copy of each artwork in the set -- makes a great newlywed gift, anniversary gift or new decor for yourself!