Susana Trindade

Susana Trindade

Susana, 20, Brazil.

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Heidi Lind Bonde

Storytelling on canvas.

colourful in moods and motives that express the inner feelings and subconsciousness of the artist, together with the artist's submission to the brush. In the deeper layers the viewer frequently will find figures and animals which occure as they move around the scenery of the painting. The subconsciousness leads the brush strokes and the spontaneous movements are beyond influence by the dominat rational thoughts. The viewer will sence the virgin strength and freedom of the child, yet to be challenged with beautiful composed colours and motives which at the same time yield the spectator with harmony and provocation. Each artwork tells a story, and often the viewer will find several stories in each of the artworks.

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there's beauty everywhere.

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photography by

In this portfolio you can find the best single frames and compositions of TEMPONAUT time-lapse photography series

I'm a 27 years old graphic designer & illustrator currently living in Bordeaux, FRANCE.
I love radical designs and audacious creativity.
You can see more of my work on my portfolio :

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Freelance illustrator living in Indiana.

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I'm an illustrator and painter living in Raleigh, N.C. I create images for magazines, homes, corporations, design firms and advertising agencies. I enjoy working on canvas, digitally in photoshop, painter or illustrator. I play the mandolin in a bluegrass band when I'm not painting pictures, musical concepts are often depicted in my non-assignment work. It's good to have more than one passion!


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Hi, I’m Virginia Haenni, graphic designer from Los Angeles. On the very last day of 2009 I fled the sprawl of Southern California to the comfortable compactness of Zurich. At EF Education First I work on English workbooks, information graphics, and other design projects. On the off-hours I follow my dreams, creating illustrations which I'm posting here on ARTFLAKES.

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I'm young photographer from Russia,searching own style and view

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Student photographer currently studying near Chicago, Illinois (USA).

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I am a photographer and illustrator form Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. =D

Freelance gentleman illustrator and graphic designer studying visual communication in Dublin. I hope you enjoy the work, Peace!

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Illustrator, graphic designer and toymaker from Montevideo (Uruguay). Based in Dublin (Ireland).

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A comic artist and illustrator working in Malmö, Sweden.

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Jack Teagle is a freelance illustrator currently living in South West England. He divides his time between commercial work, drawing comics and painting. Since graduating from the University of Plymouth in 2009 Jack has worked with a variety of clients, had 3 solo shows, taken part in many group shows and had his comics 'Jeff Job hunter' and 'Fight!' released by Nobrow Press.

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Tatak Waskitho a.k.a skitchman is a self taught artist and illustrator in Jakarta. Really love t-shirt and fc barcelona

He's very interesting in music, movies and conceptual art

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Freelance illustrator/ graphic designer based in Sheffield.

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An illustrator and pastry lion living in Portland, Oregon.

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Landscape Architecture Student, Born in Beirut/Lebanon 1990 | Appreciates urban photography and Visual Art