Sydney Sullivan

Sydney Sullivan

Everything you see is a compilation of the basic shapes: cylinders, cones, spheres, pyramids and cubes. All mashed together, surfaces textured.
Then there are colors. Who's to say, that the colors we all see are the same? We were all taught that apples are 'red' and bananas are 'yellow', but who's to say we are SEEING the same thing. Such unattainable knowledge is what I call magic.
But in the end, it's not about the shapes, or their textures, or even what color things are. It' about how they make you feel.
I feel everything with great intensity, always.
Sometimes, I create things because of it....

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Chinatown in San Francisco, California.

Sydney Sullivan has uploaded Tropical

Taken in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

This baby tree was growing BOTH red and green needles.

Sydney Sullivan has uploaded Full Moon

The Moon is my ruler. I am forever under its powerful spell.

It was a Wednesday and the skies were fair.

I couldn't believe this little blue bird egg survived the 15 foot drop from the nest up above.

Sydney Sullivan has uploaded Lone Leaf

Some things die and fall amongst the non-living, alone.

The season of great changes.

Things are changing. You can feel the color fading can't you?

Rain comes down, purifying the soul.

I love red wine. Any time.

Shoes tell so much about the person that walks in them.

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Rain drip drops in a pan of water.

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i love old wine bottles. And old wine.

What the window sill above my kitchen sink looks like on a foggy day.

Sydney Sullivan has uploaded Implosion

Melded colors, melded shapes.

When I look at this I see a face. What do you see?