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Tao Chan

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I took a lovely photograph of a good friend of mine. The silhoutte of him shooting springs out on the gradient background

Tao Chan has uploaded Winning/Defeat

The balance of winning or defeat is verry vage. Kind of reminds me of war, are there trully winners or losers and who is right or wrong.

the beauty behind this is that you keep questioning about those questions.

Tao Chan has uploaded MeSurreal

Embracing the art of surrealism came this work I made recently.

Often I stumble across surrealistic art, I made it my own by thinking out of the box. The way I look at my surroundings and my love for geometry.

It helps my mind to think straight by dissecting my surroundings in basic shapes. Flouting around in a world in this kind of vision makes the world more exiting, it doesn’t matter where you are