Thom Lupari

Thom Lupari

A self trained artist , Thom has been creating works of fine art since he was a young boy. Born in NYC, Thom paints from inner inspiration. Most paintings start out with a splatter or drip of paint on a blank canvas and then Thom moves his consciousness aside and lets the painting take him where IT wants to go. It is for this reason that Thom's work has it's own unique style and quality. By allowing the Universal energy to pass through him and "Use" his talent, Thom can draw from a much larger field of creative resources. Most of Thom's paintings are done using a glazed technique. This is the same technique used by many of the renascence artists such as Rembrandt. With over 100 layers of translucent paint applied to the canvas, this technique yields a richness of color and gives the painting a luminescent quality not seen in most other paintings. This is because when viewed under the proper lighting the viewer actually sees though all the layers of paint and each layer does it's part in creating the color variation on the canvas. Thom works in Oil, Acrylic and other media.
Thom spent many years working in the Television and Theatre industry designing and painting sets. He is proficient at trompe l'oeil ,murals, paper sculpture, and computer graphics. Thom is now a full time fine artist creating works of art in his studio. Thom is available for commission works throughout the USA.

Reviews from Clients

Rick J. on August 23, 2015
5/5 stars
Collaborating with Thomas has been one of the most productive and rewarding experiences I have ever had. He always listened to my comments, feedback and direction. The end result was truly my own vision as expressed with his talent and outstanding interpretation. Thomas communicated on a regular basis and provided me with continual updates and progress reports and samples through the entire process. I personally endorse and recommend Thomas Lupari with no reservation whatsoever.

Aaron B. on July 9, 2015
5/5 stars

Hands down best Artist I have ever worked with.
No matter what you need, Thom has your back and will help you as quickly as he humanly can.
He is the best artist I have ever worked with and his work follows up with that.
Thom came right when I needed him, and was ever so helpful and was the best artist I have ever worked with.
He has been through a lot, and despite that, he is my favorite artist.
I promise you, that if you work with him, you will not be disappointed.
He is my favorite for a reason.
Beautiful and amazing.
Thank you Thom.

Aaron Beadles,

Chris Tanabe.

Thom designed my wedding invitation with a blue sky background and wispy clouds floating across the sky. It was so realistic, you couldn't tell it was a painting! He crafted 2 dozen T-shirts, all different but with one theme, for a team event. He gifted me with a collection of note cards created from his original paintings (I've seen the originals, too). He has been the artistic director of 2 plays I have seen, where he designed and executed the stage sets, one in South Beach, FL and the other in Santa Barbara, CA. He does beautiful work, and knows the value of executing to meet a deadline.

Luvienne Nonord.

My experience work with Thomas Lupari is truly heaven sent.
To start off I don't know if he mind if I tell you this little secret but he had a dearest person to his heart passed away during the time we worked on that specific project. I had met with an illustrator prior to speaking with Thom about this project. Myself and the other person exchanged numbers and I was given a contract and all. I was so sure I was suppose to work with Thom that all our interactions and businesses was done over the phone and via e-mail throughout the whole project. I came in with one idea of what I wanted my illustration to look like but by the end of our work experience I felt so comfortable and safe with his expertise that Thom was able to furnish something totally different from what I was thinking of and I loved it. And I think it is only by God's grace one can find someone like Thom to work with.

Robert Boffa.

I contacted Thom to obtain a price quote for a job at my Manhattan apartment. He was so kind to walk me through the job step by step setting my expectations, not just a price quote like others I've contacted. I hired him and the job began one week later as agreed. I enjoyed to see the mural take shape day by day and each day Thom was excited to share his progress and talent. Over the weeks, my expectations began to take shape and went far beyond. This man is one talented artist. As i write this review, I am enjoying the artwork by Thom and visualizing my next. I would hire Thom Lupari again and recommend his work and artistry to all.
Thom, thank you!

Boris Alor Cafe.

He is amazingly creative, understand client very well and supplied great sketch to match my mind idea . Pleasant and easy going personality .

Iris Van Reese.

He has always been a stellar professional with excellent work ethic and fabulous taste and skill sets.
Able to take idea from concept to completion with minimum supervision and always exceeded my expectations. Thom designed and organized our office, created our logo, created a conducive office experience. And created several art pieces for us

Sondra W. on August 8, 2015
5/5 stars

Thom has done two projects for me. One commercial, a frescoed ceiling in gold leaf with sky in the center. It was exquisite. He also did an faux italian plaster in the New York City residence that just makes the walls pop. His work is extraordinary, he always shows up...a miracle if you've had others in the past...and he is clean.

Boris A. on June 22, 2015
5/5 stars

We hired Thomas for few different assignments and he always showed great performance.
Thomas is amazingly creative, understand client very well and supplied great sketch to match my mind idea. always in line with his estimates . Pleasant and easy going personality.

Craig F. on June 19, 2015
5/5 stars

Thom, Your work on our wedding invitations was spot on. Your final work made us think you had known us for a long time. You really know how to "read" a person, or in our case, a couple. You also gave us plenty of time to review and make any corrections or additions. Thank you a hundred times over.
C. Thomas Fritz

Iris V. on June 7, 2015
5/5 stars
Working with Thom was a wonderful experience. He is the ultimate professional, always exceeding our expectations. He helped us create logos and graphics for our business identity. Designed, organized and decorated a beautiful office space. And always with a minimal amount of supervision. He is amazing at what he does!

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