Warren Thompson

Warren Thompson

I have developed an appreciation for watercolors and enjoy the challenge, the movement and light.
I continue to learn and grow into other mediums: oil, acrylic and photography.

Better a diamond with a flaw than a pebble without. - Confucius
If you hear a voice within you say, you cannot paint, then by all means paint, and that voice will be silenced.-Vincent Van Gogh
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Quechee Gorge,Vermont - 18 X 24 Oil on Canvas. Photo reference from my friend Lynn Fowler. A great photo as the lines converged to go under the bridge.
300. Original

Tones of Light Across the Ocklawaha River - Oil on 12 X 16 Canvas Panel.
225. Original

Misty Fog and Color over Ketchikan Alaska, 10 X 7 Watercolor on Arches.
My closest to plein air until the boat moved away. I enjoyed the color that appeared under a layer of thick fog. The homes were colorful against a canvas of shades of green on the mountain. I was amazed at the greenery and flowers around the homes. 250. Original

Cactus at Dusk - From 4/28/16 in central Florida.

Fog and Clouds at Half Dome- 9 X 6 Watercolor. Reference photo from Washburn Point. I Moved Half Dome some to enjoy its shape and profile.
175. Original

Fall River Reflections 2 along the Withlacoochee River in central Florida.
Quality Prints Available.
Tripod and Timer used.

Halpata Tastanaki Preserve between Ocala and Dunnellon Florida.
15 X 11 Watercolor- a painting using the colors of winter...at least a Florida winter.
175. Original

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Bayeux France -7x11 Watercolor- The Aure River runs through the center of Bayeux, which is 4 miles inland from Normandy. It was the first town liberated after D-Day and it took just a day. Its buildings were virtually unharmed by the landings, because German forces were occupied in Caen.
Population is 13,000 and is an excellent base to visit Normandy's D-Day beaches.
175. Original

A Farm in Clayton County in northeastern Iowa is a 15X11 Watercolor.
Based on a photo and the scene had a dusting of snow. The sunlight
reflected on the clouds created vivid colors in the photo and the painting.

225. Original

Impression of Mt. Hood 2- 15X11 Watercolor. Reference photo from Wet Canvas with some changes. Edited 12/22/13. Put in a work order and had
the ground crew clean up the dead log. A few other edits.

200. Original

Urquhart Castle on Loch Ness Scotland.
15X11 Watercolor. If I do it again I would work on the distance in the hills.
I worked on this one and softened the distant hills. The darker was supposed to be shadows over the hills. A few other value corrections as well.

200. Original

Third Rock Mirror- 11x14 Acrylic Abstract from a recent painting party. Aqua texture with handiwrap,positive and negative shapes,blending,accent lines and a touch of gold.

200. 0riginal

Under a French Bridge -
From a class using Grisaille which is a process I have used in some of my classes. Added dark shadows and then local color.Photo reference used with permission from artist Sue Primeau. 15"X22"

300. Original

Impressions of Fall.
15X11 Watercolor on Arches
Original 200.

7X11 Watercolor- Reflections on Gray - just an idea I had today.
125. Original

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