Tiago  Reis

Tiago Reis

Freelance photographer Tiago Reis was born on June 1 st, 1978 in Oporto. Resident and works in Oporto city.

After accepted by Soares dos Reis School of Arts in Oporto from 1993 to 1996, graduated in Fine Arts - Sculpture at the Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Porto in 2002.
Attended the Professional Photography Course at the Portuguese Institute of Photography in Porto between 2007 and 2009.
In 2009 creates the art production studio, MTLC Arte - Produções Artísticas, which develops projects in the areas of Photography, Drawing, Painting, sculpture, Sound Design, etc...

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Giulio Asso @ Verdekiwi

architect, artist, photographer, 3Ddesigner.

follow me on www.verdekiwi.it

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I'm a photographer based in Singapore.



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Image Composer and Photographer !


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Lia Termatzidou was born in Berlin in 1988. She studied Byzantine Iconography and has graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts and Art Sciences, specializing in Visual Arts. She divides her artistic expression between different mediums: Painting, photography, video and graphics. She participates in several group exhibitions and organizes artistic workshops in collaboration with other artists. Her subjects, mostly anthropocentric, explore the transforming power of the face - and by extension of individuality, and its association with social adaptability. She lives and works in Greece.

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Mountain and climbing photographer from France, specializing in landscape and mountaineering at altitude.

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Mountain and climbing photographer from France, specializing in landscape and mountaineering at altitude.

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And I am an amateur photographer who loves to be outdoors as often as possible.
So my main interest is in all the wonders of nature. It's not that I am not interested in other fields, too. But I guess that my passion for nature and wildlife will always be my very most concern.

Ich gehe arbeiten, Gassi, und manchmal fotografieren.

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"Fotografie ist eine Leidenschaft. Sie ist die Kunst, mit Licht zu gestalten" ronny ritschel

Ronny Ritschel sagt: “Fotografie ist mehr als nur sein Equipment zu kennen. Du musst immer wieder das “Sehen” trainieren und sehr geduldig auf den passenden Moment warten um ihn aus deiner Sicht der Welt zu präsentieren. Aus diesem Grund ist Kunst auch immer etwas sehr persönliches...”

Ronny Ritschel lebt und arbeitet in Hamburg und kann bereits auf mehrere internationale und nationale Fotoausstellungen, sowie Veröffentlichungen in Printmagazinen zurückblicken. Neben seiner Arbeit als Fotograf, ist er der Herausgeber des deutschen Fotografieblogs blogtimes.info.

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I grew up on the creative side of the advertising world
and had the pleasure of working with hundreds of clients
around the world; telling their unique stories in very unique ways.
Along the way, I've had the pleasure of working with an incredible number of talented photographers, directors, cinematographers and imagemakers.
I became envious of their art and craft. At first, I saw it as a means of reducing my stress-filled life.
As a Chief Creative Officer at the world's largest Advertising Agency Network, I needed a distraction.
So I bought a camera. And then another. And another.
My new hobby and daily "creative exercise regimen" quickly turned into a joy-filled and all consuming passion.

I love talking to all sorts of people and seem to have a knack for getting them to open up and share themselves
despite the intrusion and intimidation that a serious-looking camera often represents.

I like seeking out and sharing things I find interesting
Beautiful things. Powerful things. Poignant things.

I am incredibly patient and am often rewarded with moments of magic.

I also enjoy taking something ordinary and making it something well beyond that.
(To paraphrase Ansel Adams: "...making pictures, not just taking them.")
Illustration and painting are other passions and I love creating unique photocompositions.

One thing led to another and now I'm published, winning awards and having my work shown in galleries.


So here I am.
Open for business.
And open for any adventure that needs an image or two.

Take a look at my blog: http://alanwshapiro.blogspot.com
Follow me on twitter: @alansphotos

If you'd like to discuss a commission or project, send me a e-mail or call me at (914) 536-9923 U.S. Eastern Standard Time.

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Lonely man surrounded by seagulls

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Seagull crowd

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BUCK is a professional photographer, artist and curator living in the Netherlands.

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I'm an image creator.
I like to create images that generate in the viewer a bit of wonder which catch the eye. For this reason i take pictures, create mosaics and fractals and more.

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"Entwicklung findet nicht nur in der Dunkelkammer statt"

"Bilder zu schiessen, ist die schönste Art, jagen zu gehen"

"Knipsen ist wie sprechen, ohne zu denken.....
Fotografieren ist eine Sprache, um nachzudenken"

Zitate von Almut Adler , eine der - für mich - lebendigsten Fotografen!

Fotografieren bedeutet für mich pure Emotionen, Glücksgefühle, Hormone unkontrollierbar !
Es befreit mich von manchmal lähmenden Alltagssituationen und ermutigt mich, immer wieder Neues ins Visier oder in den Fokus zu nehmen!

Neu meine Kunst auch hier erhältlich:

Daniel Soriano Correa - Photographer - Santiago de Chile.

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Fotografie---> eine wundervolle Art der Partnerschaft,
für ́s Leben.

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hallo ich bin bildermacherin
- ich (mag) mache bilder mit / in:
- liebe / lust / leidenschaft
- gefühle
- momente
- fantasie
- inspiration
- intuition
- licht/schatten
- augen / augenblicke/ blickwinkel
- hände / knipsfinger / filterfinger ;0))
canon powershot sx20is / eos 40d
- pc
- bildbearbeitungsprogramme
- farbe / monochrom
schrilles / wildes / abstraktes
minimales / verblastes / vergilbtes / gecrosstes
scharfes / unscharfes
schräges / gerades
im rahmen / rahmenloses
scheinbares / unscheinbares
lautes, schreiendes, brülllendes
leises, besinnliches, meditatives
sinnlich wie sinnloses ;0))
quatsch, sach und auch schonmal lachgeschichten......