Tim Drake

Tim Drake

I am an Illustrator based in the UK. I produce all kinds of art using mixed media including felt pens, water colour, coloured pencils and inks.

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Tim Drake left a comment on the picture Death can be stylish

Well, what can I say really, skulls with glasses on!

Tim Drake has uploaded Allosaurus

Educational illustration aimed more at children but like by adults too.

The different stages of development of apes to men.

What happened to the sound of the future? this piece is inspired by the great music of the golden synth era - 1979 - 1984 when music was experimental and theatrical and fresh.

Aren't you just fed up of all that sissy overproduced rubbish that seems to dominate the charts at the moment, well I am and I know alot of you are too!

Tim Drake has uploaded Retro Gaming

A celebration of video gaming through the ages, commodore 64, Atari 2600, playstation, nintendo DS, Q Bert, Brain Training.