Tim Rock

Tim Rock

Tim attended the journalism program at the University of Nebraska – Omaha and has been a professional broadcast and print photojournalist for 30 years. The majority of those years have been spent in the Western and Indo Pacific reporting on environmental and conservation issues. He has won the prestigious Excellence in the Use of Photography from the Society of Publisher’s in Asia. His TV show was an ACE award finalist. He also lists many other awards for documentaries, television shows, photography and writing.

He works as a correspondent for numerous Pacific Rim magazines. He is the author and contributor to ten Lonely Planet/Pisces series guides including The Diving and Snorkeling Guides to Thailand, Belize, Cayman Islands, South Africa & Mozambique, Bonaire, Chuuk-Pohnpei-Kosrae, Palau, Bali & Lombok, Guam & Yap, Papua New Guinea and The Philippines.

Tim currently owns a gallery in Guam at the Fish Eye Marine Park and his photographic work is represented by his own Guam-based agency and agents worldwide.

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Tim Rock has uploaded Nurturing

A mother humpback whale nurtures her young baby calf in Tongan waters near a beautiful coral reef

In the waters of Tonga, far out to sea, a family of humpback whales cavorts with a lone snorkeler

Tim Rock has uploaded Cruising Tiger

A tiger shark cruises the water of the South Pacific as the apex predator.

Tim Rock has uploaded Reflections

On still morning in the western Pacific, a manta ray glides along the mirrored surface of the sea.

Tim Rock has uploaded Ocean Ballet

A shaft of light backlights a ballerina under the sea in the Northern Mariania Islands.

Tim Rock has uploaded Cave Ballet

In a remote natural cave in Rota in the Mariana Islands, A ballet is performed.