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Hi, my name is Tomasz Chistowski. I was born in Poland, where I studying and working as freelance digital illustrator and concept artist.
Hope you like my works.

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Linocut and digital media

My variance about soccer
Hope you like it :)

My variance about soccer
Hope you like it :)

"Yuki-Onna is a spirit in Japanese folklore and literally means Snow Woman. With her extremely pale white skin she blends with the snowy environments, with only her bright red lips standing out against the white snow. Yuki-Onna is mysterious and beautiful, but also dangerous; She preys on victims to leech or freeze them, trapping them in icestorms or luring them around until they die of the cold. Some say Yuki-Onna is the spirit of a young woman who perished in the snow a long time ago.

This is a steampunk version for ballet Coppélia. She was a lifesize, dancing doll created by a mad inventor to be his companion. She was so beautiful and perfect that many people thought she was a real person and fell madly in love with her. The inventor loved her so much that he tried to perform a magic ritual to bring her to life by stealing the lifeforce of another person.