Treska | Graphic Designer, street art painter and real time visual performer.

Under 3K ( “tres ka” in Spanish ) pseudonym, Pablo López expresses and feeds his passion. As a graphic designer, he has been working for more than 7 years tackling several subjects of his profession such as advertisements, textile, and graphics.

While working with street art, he found a way to return some of the spirit the streets gave him by making the observer or peeper take back home a big smile full of colors and extraordinary shapes. In fact Drax, his best-known creation, is based on his actual mate...a white bullterrier which only posses a few characteristics of ordinary dogs.

Regarding his VJ career, Treska makes colorful and ethnic auto-rhythmical environments when immersing his audience in a pleasant and joyful visual experience. Actually, 3K is Switch’s nightclub resident VJ.

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