Guillem Vivas Perez

Guillem Vivas Perez

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Mexican illustrator living in Barcelona.
Strange landscapes flowing inside her illustrations. Take a look and enjoy

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Illustrator and designer

A passionate and meticulous graphic/ web designer with several years of experiences in the field of Interactive, Digital Art and Visual Communications. I am a curious, dynamic and extremely motivated individual with a well-developed artistic approach. Creative by nature, I love discovering and learning new things by always staying on top of current cultural trends. I'm originally from Caracas, Venezuela. I’ve been working on the creation and development of websites since 1999. However, my first experiences around this new media started earlier, around 1996.

I am an artist/illustrator/architect based in Gothenburg, Sweden. I have beem drawing and painting ever since I was little, creative outlet and growth is incredibly important to me!
I am grateful that I am growing up in an era of technological advances which lets me experiment with powerful digital tools as well as the ordinary brush, paint and pencil!

I hope you enjoy my work!

Ich bin selbständiger Mediendesigner aus Berlin und arbeite in den Bereichen Printdesign, Webdesign, Webbetreuung, Digitale Bildbearbeitung sowie Filmerstellung.

Meine Leidenschaft ist das Arbeiten mit Photoshop wo ich sehr gern abstrakte Werke sowie Fotomanipulationen umsetze.

Weiterhin bin ich Begründer des Cromoart Blogs, wo ich weltweite Künstler aus den Bereichen Design, Fotografie und Film vorstelle.

Confronting the imposed system of absolute values in a relative world, our treasure island is the dirtiest junkyard of human creativity

Illustrator and designer based in Barcelona.

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Ulrike lebt und arbeitet in Berlin. Als freie Künstlerin und Designerin umfasst ihr Arbeitsfeld sowohl Malerei und Grafik, als auch Projekte für Film und Theater, Illustration und Konzept Design. Mehr zu Ulrikes Arbeiten findet ihr unter

''Willkommen in meiner Bilderwelt!'' :)

Ulrike lives and works in Berlin. Her field of work comprises graphical art work, illustrations, conceptual and costume designs as well as their practical realization.
More artwork and informations about Ulrike you can find on

''Welcome!'' :)

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Rui Ricardo is an illustrator from Porto, Portugal, where he lives and works.
Developing drawing skills at an early age, he had his first work published at the age of fifteen. His love for illustration and comics made him follow an artistic career and, by the time he was finishing the course of graphic design at the fine arts university of Porto, he already had four graphic novels published, no to mention countless colaborations with magazines and local comics fanzines. An invitation from a major national TV production company started him in animation and background illustration for “Major Alvega” which is still the only portuguese TV production series to have ever been nominated for an Emmy award. After eight years doing animation and motion design for several TV shows, music videos and commercials, he started working exclusively as a freelance illustrator. Rui is represented in London by Folio, a major illustration agency established in 1976. Most of his work is editorial and he has colaborated with several magazines and newspapers like FHM, Men’s Fitness, The Times, The Telegraph, The Mail on Sunday, GQ, Popular Mehanics, Marketing Week, among many more. Outside the press, he has also worked for Unicef, Hasbro, Oxford University Press, Pearson, Usborne, Macmillan, Vodafone, FNAC, Samsung, Nathan, Defra (UK government department for environment, food and rural affairs), and many others.
When he is not drawing, he likes to travel with his partner or spend time at home with his dogs, his plants and his books.

After a nomadic childhood spent doodling, eating, sleeping, and growing, Michael Hirshon ended up in St. Louis where he studied illustration and design. Incidentally, he became an illustrator and designer, and now he is looking for as many jobs as possible. His work has been recognized by the Society of Illustrators, 3×3, Creative Quarterly, CMYK, and the AIGA.

Hello, check it out ;)

Freelance illustrator based off Miami, Florida.

I am an illustrator based in Göteborg, Sweden. I like to get lost in the details.