Tito Victoriano

Tito Victoriano

USA based illustrator, graphic-web designer, open to work on any interesting project worldwide.

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Tito Victoriano has uploaded Drinker

Woman drinking on a wine glass with her head covered by a brown bag

Collage depicting ocean pollution and environmental crisis in general

Tito Victoriano has uploaded Refugees

Description of children refugees in the near future

Picture of woman and cowboy on high rises' walls in the city

Tito Victoriano has uploaded Elevator

Futuristic description of what looks like an elevator shaft rising from earth with passengers embedded on its walls.

Digital collage depicting the passing of time with alarm clock, woman, hanger and old newspaper

Collage of elements that includes smoking cowboy's silhouette, woman on cellphone and sail ship

Tito Victoriano has uploaded Dream #3

A woman wrapped in a rope wears a fashionable hat. Another, watches from a balcony. They make a diagonal composition of contrasting and beautiful colors.

Woman wearing a burka looking the back of an European young man

Street view next to a park with biker in foreground and some stranger

Passover Lam becomes Passover Ram. Is the sacrifice the Torah mandates Jews and Samaritans to ritually slaughter on the eve of Passover.

Tito Victoriano has uploaded Bike girl

Girl on a bike with a Russian Orthodox church in the background

Man profile on the phone during stormy weather and silhouette of woman singer in the background.

Congo miner and mother and son with a floating cellular phone above them. Earplugs from phone are bleeding.

Someone looking out of a window's train to an old train station on a gloomy day

Hand holding raw minerals used in computers and cellphones. A man silhouette can be seen on the phone under an umbrella.

Spanish guitar player accompanied by Flamenco dancer in allegorical setting