Uncle Sickey

Uncle Sickey

You want to know about me? Wow, you really need to get a hobby, don't you?

There's not much to say to be honest, what started as a hobby to pass the time after work rapidly took over my life until it's my full time job!

I mainly work in the 3d graphics medium; but in that, I pretty much tackle any type of theme/milieu that my muse takes me to. My muse, or a commission that someone wants me to do for them.

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A dress I showed my fiance; and is in the process of being created in real life for our springtime wedding.

Lost in the middle of her largest clockwork contraption; the lovely lady, illuminated only by her electro-staff; tries to find her way out.

Uncle Sickey has uploaded Amazon Queen

A beautiful, strong Amazon Queen, victorious from the battlefield; surveys her Queendom with well deserved satisfaction.

One of my favorite 3d figures, Daisy; all geared up and ready for battle!