Vector art is the blend between mathematics, colour, geometry, expression and passion.
Using my skills as a digital illustrator, I have developed a series of vector artwork that bridges the gap between art and design.
I work from my studio in Toronto as a base, but use an international collective to source my inspiration from.
My pieces are well-crafted and intended for individuals with dramatic tastes in all things lovely.

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    Adam Jarvis is a creative director. He has enjoyed a successful 14 year career building brands for some of the world’s most noticeable names. Adam is also a classically trained painter and illustrator. These two sides of his creative life have been in constant conflict for many years. The strategic side of his brain and the free spirited artistic side finally collided in the form of an art show entitled BRANDEDTM. The show consisted of 12 female vector portraits created entirely out of logos. See how many you can find. “My business life has been focused on building brands – designingadvertisements that sell things. My artistic life has primarily been about the female form – painting portraits of women as powerful and magical characters. Shortly after the birth of my daughter Olivia this year, I stumbled upon a place in which the two collide. My new collection BRANDEDTM is a series of 12 portraits. 4 of which are multi-layerd between 5 sheets of glass. Each digitally created piece is comprised from a pool of thousands of logos collected across my career as a graphic designer. The subjects are also brands themselves. Transformed into goddesses of capitalism. As consumers, are we defined by the brands we buy?Collectively are we the sum of our purchases? The answer is the question – BRANDEDTM Dedicated to my wife Natalie, my daughter Olivia, and the memory of Gerald Caracciolo (June 22, 1957 – May 25, 2006)” - From the BRANDEDTM gallery program by Adam Jarvis