Veronica Martinis

Veronica Martinis

Hello everyone!
My name is Veronica and these are my art prints.

I am a graphic designer but I don’t like to stay all the day in front of the computer. I am keen about fashion but I’m not able to buy the right things for me. I appreciate every kind of food but I like it more if it’s cooked by someone else. I read funny novels and interesting essays.
I’m in love and (almost) happy.
I hope you enjoy my work!

If you feel like it,

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A yellow flower in front of Van Gogh irises painted by my grandad. The picture has been taken in my bedroom with natural light.

A picture of this delicate flower.
A symbol for spring.
A delicate primrose.

"Would you hang this on your wall?" is a photography and graphic design project that sets its basis in the materiality of paper. It is a white paper that has been creased and painted with water colors. Here a crumpled colorful paper is a sort of sculpture you can hang on your wall. Would you hang this on your wall?

A black and White floral Illustration drawn with pen and felt pen. Flowers and leaves alternates with stripes and full-black spaces. Sinuous lines compose this very detailed illustration.

One of the most famous things of London is London Eye. This huge Ferris wheel is on the riverbank just in front of Westminster and it is certainly one of the symbols of London. Usually pictures are taken from London Eye, but here it becomes the subject giving an Idea of London's beauty by night.

A wonderful summery sunset shot from my bedroom window. A countryside skyline and amazing shades of color from orange to red, and from red to pink. A truly romantic landscape to admire. This picture has been shot in a small town in the north-east of Italy.

I was born in Madrid in 1981 in the tender age of zero. As it was hard to express myself in words, I started doing so by drawing. Since then I comunicate better with a pencil than talking.

I was never a good student. The only thing I liked were the textbooks with ilustrations and if not, I would fill the white parts with my scrabbles. The relationship I had with my teachers was never productive, it is not good to mingle a bad student with dull and demotivating teachers. With seventeen I started studying in a drawing school, but the teachers I had weren't very enthusiastic either. So I finished school and decided to become autodidactic and finally live from my drawings, since they lived from me.Thankfully or consequentlly to my stuburness, I spent a long time in my room improving and after a lot of effort, I finally got my first jobs.

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{ Visual artist, semiprofessional photographer and digital artist }

Riva/TR, Italy

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Drawing is my World. World inside my Drawing.

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