I am an Illustrator, I have been drawing all my life. I work in oil paint, watercolor and graphite as well as digital artwork. My work is both realistic and whimsical that makes it my own style.

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victoria-samantha has uploaded Drops

pretty blue and purple petals with brilliant raindrops

black silhouette of winter tree with red cardinal

A black and white painting of a lone tree silhouette with three red autumn leaves

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For me everything began with the love for traveling and the wish to ban the unknown and fascinating - people, landscapes, situations - in pictures. Meanwhile I am a freelance photographer working in the fields of people and fashion as well as nature and urban/ urbex. Whats left is the love for strong composition and mostly decent colours. And I like the little strange, absurd and bizarre things for their beauty.

victoria-samantha has uploaded Aurelia

watercolor pen and ink portrait of girl

acrylic painting of an Italian cafe

charcoal black and white portrait of a weeping angel

watercolor portrait of a girl inspired by William Waterhouse

acrylic palette knife painting of an Italian church's belltower

watercolor pen and ink of brown pelican, magnolia flower and swamp

watercolor, pen and ink tiger

victoria-samantha has uploaded Jensen

watercolor portrait

victoria-samantha has uploaded Vienna

redhead girl and bubbles