Danielle Robichaud

Danielle Robichaud

I am a fairy artist that has been creating art since I was really young. I grew up in the United States in New Hampshire. I went to college to become a teacher and this winter I will be finishing up my student teaching. My hope is to have my own classroom and maybe one day introduce my art to a much wider audience.
I always enjoyed school, art class being one of my favorites. In high school I started getting more serious about my art and began doing watercolor paintings and showing them to my classmates at lunch.
In college I attempted to sell my work at craft fairs with little success, but currently have my entire gallery on display on deviant art, as well as a few pieces in my room or exclusive ones for my relatives.

As for my work, I use mostly watercolor paints and colored pencils. I have also worked with goauche, and pastels but prefer paint because I find it easier to work with. I have been working with watercolor for seven years now.

My inspiration mainly comes from artists like Amy Brown, fashion magazines, famous celebrities, music and sometimes my surroundings.

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