I was born in Portugal and studied at the António Arroio School in Lisbon. I currently live in Germany. From an early age, my interest was moved by architecture and then by interior spaces (professionally). However, it did not take long for me to be interested in people and the human figure, especially "in the habitat" where they move, whether in urban areas or "having the landscape as a background".

The architecture of cities and their buildings, their facades, their volumetry, the "empty" and not less, "all their green points" fascinate me with the natural beauty of the places, views of the cities, streets and roads with their viaducts or just by its landscapes, rivers or beaches on the coast, as well as the mountains suspended from the sky that "envelops or threatens."

"Traveling around the World" is capturing "what is special", "finding special places even if they are not for everyone ... even if it is just for someone special - you.
"Look and enjoy" ... well, could be the motto ...

Thank you :)

J. Guerreiro

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