William Tibbs

William Tibbs

My artwork does not present an artist's perspective. We all experience life through our own perspective. When people look at my work, they see what the person in the picture sees. In a sense, the viewer becomes a part of the artwork.

I developed my style to create subliminal designs for my t-shirt company Wear Me Naked. The objective is to find images that are common to the perspectives of a large number of people. Then, a significant part of the image is put on a t-shirt.

When people look at the t-shirt, they see something that is very familiar to them. The question is "Where did I see that before? And when?" Years later, I developed my rough drawings into fine art with light and shadow. My first love will always be my subliminal designs. I want my t-shirts to evoke the feelings associated with the happiest moments in people's lives.

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