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woody has uploaded Samantha

Cartoon female model.

woody has uploaded Out of the Screen

Character poping out of the screen to the real world

woody has uploaded Good girl?

Good and "bad" versions of this woman.

woody has uploaded Angel

An angel surrounded by a magical aura.

woody has uploaded Fashion Model

A shot of a fashion model.

woody has uploaded Female Rogue

A female rogue watching her victim on top of a roof.

woody has uploaded Thirsty Fairy

Thirsty fairy is about to drink water.

woody has uploaded Sorceress

Sorceress casting a spell.

woody has uploaded Body Study

This was a technical exercice. I wanted to try a few things with my skin shader, the lighting and the process of exporting from zbrush to max.
Once I had all the tests done I decided to show the character, but instead of just rotating it to show it from all sides I prefered to do this render to make it a bit nicer.