Sammriddha Shrestha

Sammriddha Shrestha

Hello there!
As you have seen, my name is Sammriddha (Samu) Shrestha. I’m a designer, developer, and engineer who’s trying to take the current standards of media to the next level of epic. I’ve always been interested in technology since the day I met America. At age 6 I was known as a computer wizard by my friends and family, yet all I could do was use a computer as a normal human being would. But now, as I have progressed to my current teenage years, I have changed extravagantly. Once I had my own PC, my life turned around. Now, I know over 10 computer languages, know how to use Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator to create stunning graphics, and use 3D modeling tools such as 3Ds Max and Blender to create jaw dropping 3D Renders. At my early age of 8, I was fascinated at how websites could connect to the internet and all of that jazz, so I decided to start off with web development. I learned HTML, CSS, Javascript, and JQuery to create this site: xSam108x (Sorry if the site is a bit buggy, a I created it when I was 8 after all). Now, in the past few years and currently, I have delved within the science of Video Games as all children want to do. I decided to use Java at start because of it’s balance between ease of use and compatibility. I used the LibGDX library to kick start my development and created a few enjoyable games. Yet I wasn’t done yet, I craved for more. So I decided to learn C# so I could use the Unity Game Engine. The transfer wasn’t hard as the two languages were similar in a sense. I have just recently created a development team with my two greatest friends to streamline the development process.

Art Background
Before I got into all this technology stuff, I was really interested into Architecture, mostly because of my parents who are Architects and Engineers. That’s the whole bases around my understanding of art and 3D modeling. My dad had 3Ds Max installed on our home desktop. I happened to accidental stumble upon it while I was looking for another application, and was hooked right at the start. From there I went on to taking a course on it, and remodeling my parents room with it. Afterwards, I really got interested into making graphics as I was making my bland looking website. I started off with GIMP. You can see the graphics I created at my website above (The website’s graphics themselves were made by me in GIMP). From that I have I found Photoshop and started creating desktop backgrounds and so on and so forth.

I would like to thank you for taking the time to read this notoriously long bio.

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